Stonework at Gowran Park Racecourse

At Harding Stoneyard, we take pride in every project we undertake, especially when it involves enhancing iconic local landmarks like the Gowran Race Course. This one is particularly interesting to because it is a close neighbour of ours, located less than 1km away from our team in Gowran.

Gowran Park is a popular attraction not only to locals, but also visitors from all over Ireland, drawn by its thrilling horse races, scenic golf course, and vibrant clubhouse events.


This latest endeavour was even more special because it incorporates all Kilkenny Limestone material, which was quarried in Paulstown, another close neighbour located just 5km away. This stone is sold all over the world but keeping it at its heart is always appreciated. Take a look a this beautiful premises, enhanced so magnificently by our beloved Blue Kilkenny Limestone.

Sanded Limestone Pillars

Starting this project off we created 4 gorgeous Sanded Kilkenny Limestone Pillars. These pillars bring a layer of elegance to this entrance reaching from floor to ceiling. Hosting that natural blue hue from the sanded finish. These pillars will stand elegantly as ever for centuries to come. 

Sanded Kilkenny Limestone Pillars
Stone Pillars and sanded Limestone Plinth

Sanded Limestone Pillars

A closer look at these pillars from the front entrance. Smooth, sanded, light in colour and timeless. Here you can also see the Limestone Plinths that surround the building, with a subtle limestone ledge overhead. 

Sanded Limestone Ledges:

On top of the plinths, our Sanded Limestone Ledges stand guard, offering protection against the elements. These ledges not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure longevity by warding off rainwater damage.

Sanded Kilkenny Limestone Plinth & Ledges
Sanded Kilkenny Limestone Plinth & Ledges (1)

Sanded Limestone Plinth

Surrounding the face of the building, our meticulously crafted Sanded Kilkenny Limestone Plinths add an extra layer of sophistication and bring the stone pillars, ledges and surrounding materials together.


Flamed Limestone Paving & Kilkenny Limestone Bricks

Bringing all of these products together this project also included Flamed Kilkenny Limestone Paving tiles and a gorgeous border, consisting of 3 rows of Stonewashed Kilkenny Limestone Bricks.

Kilkenny Limestone Bricks & Flamed Paving

We loved working on this one and look forward to working on so many more projects like this for the remainder of 2024. If you are planning a project and would like to come to see quality products and speak to trained professionals then come and see us in Gowran Co. Kilkenny. 


We are confident we have the best stone display area in all of Ireland and a team of trained specialists to help you make the best decision possible.