Limestone Wall Caps

Limestone wall caps really finish off your stone or plastered walls nicely. Our standard caps come with a sanded finish giving them a smooth light blue-grey colour.

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Limestone wall caps come with a sanded finish as standard. Flamed and Pitched finish also available on request. 

Kilkenny Limestone wall caps are famous for their blue-grey colour. The sanded finish gives this stone a lighter shade. Our wall caps are all made in-house and can be made in any size and thickness. 

Curved wall capping is also available. There are 2 ways in which a curved wall can be achieved. It is possible to stager the wall capping to create a gradual curve. This is very popular when the curve is only slight. For a more severe curve, it is best to make the caps curved as necessary. A template may be required to ensure the product fits perfectly on top of the wall.

Limestone wall caps give your home a nice elegant look while also providing protection to your stone wall. Capping the top of your wall will stop water from dripping directly down the wall creating lime markings. They may also act as a seating area on low walls or garden bedding areas. 

Standard caps come with a smooth square sanded finish but can be made in a variety of styles and finishes. Some edge styles available include bullnosed edge, pitched edge, or a chamfered edge. Semi bullnosed edges is also available. If you have a particular style that you are looking for you can contact us and we will do our best to produce.  

All wall capping comes with a drip line 10mm in from the edge. This protects the wall from water stains and damage.  

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