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Stone Interior Wall
Donegal Sandstone Wall
Donegal Sandstone Wall Interior

Internal Stone Cladding & Internal Stonework


Check out this gorgeous bathroom, mixing luxury and nature. This bathroom has been transformed with the addition of this natural stone wall. Donegal Sandstone has been used in this bathroom making it a timeless beauty. 

This stone wall elevatest he elegance of any space is graces and is particularly fitting for this setting as the golden brown and cream shades bring brightness and warmth to the room. 

Here full-depth building stone has been used as the room allows for this with the window depth. This can be seen from the windows as the stone fills out the full depth of the sill. The stone has been worked and fitted with a nice dry joint. (Dry joint means no cement can be seen between the joints of the stone blocks). This works particularly well for internal stonework of cladding. 

If full-depth stone is unsuitable for your home, several stone cladding products are also available to give a similar effect. 

Gone are the days of sterile bathrooms devoid of character; here, every glance is met with the comforting embrace of textured surfaces, each ripple and grain a testament to the artistry of Mother Nature herself.


But beyond its visual splendor, Donegal Sandstone brings practical benefits to your bathroom oasis. Its durable composition ensures longevity, standing the test of time against the rigors of daily use while retaining its innate charm. Say goodbye to mundane interiors and hello to a sanctuary that speaks to your soul and soothes your senses.

Whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or embarking on a new construction project, let Donegal Sandstone be the cornerstone of your vision. From sleek contemporary spaces to rustic retreats, its versatility knows no bounds, offering endless possibilities for expression and creativity.

Join us in celebrating the marriage of nature and luxury, where every bath becomes a journey and every room a haven. Step into a world where beauty knows no bounds, and let Donegal Sandstone be your guide.


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