Bespoke Curved Limestone Step by Harding Stoneyard.

When it comes to building our home

A stunning home entrance is more than just a way to welcome guests; it’s a statement about your home’s character and your style. At Harding Stoneyard, we understand the importance of creating a lasting first impression. We help our customers create this space with a huge range of products, from driveway cobbles and chippings to kerbing, pier and wall caps, building stone, and door surrounds, to name a few. But one of the pinnacle products to help you create a stunning home entrance is stone steps.

In particular, here we want to showcase one of our recent bespoke stone steps that we created: introducing the Curved Limestone Step. This customer came to us with a very particular style in mind and chose us to ensure quality excellence. What makes this step stand out among other stone steps is the curved face and risers, creating a cohesive masterpiece that speaks volumes about the attention to detail and discerning taste of the homeowner.

But achieving this seamless flow is more complex than it may seem. To create a curved step like this, precision is of utmost importance. The curve on the step face must match the risers exactly. And because the risers themselves are curved, they have to be carved from a large block of stone.

For a project like this, we ask our customers to provide us with a template of the step base. From here, we have exact gradients to work with, and our expert stone masons can work their magic, cutting the stone block and sanding for a perfect smooth finish. Precision here is key, as with all of our products.

Another feature that we always recommend to our customers is a minimum of a 30mm overhang for steps like this. This adds a layer of elegance to the step but also provides protection against water stains from our rainy Irish climate. Drip lines will stop rainwater from running down the face of the risers, which can cause calcium stains over time.

These curved steps match the style of the home perfectly. They are paired with a subtle curve over the door and an excellent combination of materials used. The contrast in colors and textures adds another layer of complexity and style: golden brown (Donegal Sandstone) building stone, Sanded Kilkenny Limestone Steps, and a nice dark red door with a white surround to really make the colors stand out. What a gorgeous project to work on and an even more gorgeous home.

If you are looking for a bespoke project like this or would like guidance from our team regarding what style, materials, or products to choose, our team would be more than happy to help. We have a large display area based in Gowran, Kilkenny. We always recommend coming to see the products firsthand, where we can provide you with samples to let you get a feel for our materials and connect with our team.

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