Flamed faces have a slightly translucent speckled grey colour, varied by slightly and randomly developed lighter areas. The surface is smooth but with an irregular texture of minor creases. This finish is the result of the torching of the stone surface with a white hot open flame, lending a modern finish with a truly original texture. With excellent slip-resistant properties, flamed Irish limestone is perfect for outdoor uses, including paving and landscaping works, paths and terraces. The distinctive aesthetic of this finish has also made it popular for cladding and indoor use.


This finish highlights the natural unrefined appearance that results from diamond frame-sawing. Light-grey in colour, the saw-marks remain clearly visible on the face. Often well-utilized on limestone for cladding and kerbing, this ready-rough finish is suitable for a multitude of uses.

Blue Brushed

This finish is the result of intensive grinding of the surface with special brush-type tools. The brushes consist of fine diamond particles trapped in a plastic matrix. The specific surface density of the particles determines the final blue-gray colour of the stone surface. Blue Brushed is a highly durable finish, perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Stonewashed Light

A specific finish resulting from abrasive action of ceramic chips on the stone surface. The technology is widely used for marbles and limestone and renders a surface with a typical micro pattern that has an increased resilience to scratching. Stonewashed light tiles are most applicable in interior flooring but it also suitable for outdoor surfaces where an aged appearance is desired.

Coral Flamed


This incomparable variety of Irish Blue Limestone is a captivating dark shade. It is carefully sourced from special shell or fossil beds, and features relics of ancient oysters which are a particular characteristic of this stone. These large oyster fossils are unique to Irish blue limestone and only found in the Kilkenny/Carlow region of Ireland.