Flamed Coral Kilkenny Limestone Paving

Coral Flamed Kilkenny Limestone is a very unique variety of Irish blue limestone. The flamed finish give this paving slab a lovely dark shade. It is carefully sourced from special shell/fossil beds. The fossils found in the stone are relics of ancient oysters which are unique to Irish Limestone.

The Flamed finish on this paving gives the stone a textured finish. To give the paving this lovely textured finish it is torched with an open flame, which creases the surface of the slab. As a result Flamed paving gives the stone excellent slip resistant properties. Ideal for all outdoor uses, in particular for houses with small kids running and playing on the patio area.

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This incomparable variety of Irish Blue Limestone is a captivating dark shade. It is carefully sourced from special shell or fossil beds, and features relics of ancient oysters which are a particular characteristic of this stone. These large oyster fossils are unique to Irish blue limestone and only found in the Kilkenny/Carlow region of Ireland.